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Carolyn's been having some lower back pain so she went to the massage parlor to get it worked on. The masseur assigned to her was very experienced and he knew the best way to work out lower back pain is to massage it from the inside. Carolyn took her top off revealing her huge breasts and laid down on the table. The masseur gave her a quick back and leg rub and then slid off her panties. With no objection from Carolyn he began working around her asshole with his tongue and finger before pulling out a vibrator and massaging deep in her ass!


Jasmine has a lot of tension in lower back so she made an appointment with a new masseuse, Nikki. She came prepared with a skimpy thong and a gorgeous round ass which let Nikki know that she was here for more than just a massage! She gave a little back rub, then quickly moved down to Jasmine's ass and slipped off her thong. She got some lube and a string of anal beads and massaged her asshole with the beads!


Kennedy Winters visits the massage parlor for a day of relaxation. She meets Ana, her masseuse, and removes her clothing and lies down on the table. The masseuse starts off with the regular massage making sure to work out the kinks in her back, legs and arms. She then moves on to her favorite part...the ass! She slowly pulls down Kennedy's panties and gives her ass a deep licking followed by a vibrator in this wonderful erotic massage!


After a long day at work Lauren visited her local massage parlor for a quick back rub. Her normal masseuse was out sick, so she was matched up with a pretty girl named Valerie. Valerie started off working on her back, and slowly moved down to her legs. Lauren was really getting turned on by Valerie's skilled hands. Valerie then focused on her tushy and gave her an erotic massage that she will never forget!!


After a long day of work Mike decided to visit his girlfriend Envy at the massage parlor. Envy was working late and the place was empty so she offered to give him a relaxing massage. After a few minutes of massaging his tired body, she decided to give him a little extra something!!! She slid her hands underneith the towel and started rubbing his cock until he was nice and hard. She then took of her top exposing her big firm breasts and gave him an amazing topless handjob!!


Vanessa visited her massage therapist to receive a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse, Katrina, started off giving her a nice relaxing deep tissue massage. Vanessa has her back massaged as well as her legs and thighs. The masseuse then slowly moved up to Vanessa's tushy and licked around her asshole. She must have enjoyed it because she was letting out a soft moan of pleasure. This was the sign for the masseuse to continue so she pulled out a dildo! Watch what she does next!!


Cindy has been a masseuse for a few years now and every so often a customer comes in complaining about 'lower back' pain. She has found the best way to relieve this kind of tension is with a special technique she learned from an old girlfriend. So when Maya comes in with the same problem, she knows exactly what to do. She warms her up with a nice back and leg massage then moves lower to her ass and slides off her panties. She licks her finger rubs around her asshole with her finger, then gets her personal massager and gently glides it into her ass and gives her an anal orgasm in this erotic massage video.


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