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Holly Wellin's favorite customer Michelle Avanti just walked in the door with lower back pain. Holly only knows one way to completely satisfy that kind of pain - with a deep anal massage! Michelle takes off her top revealing her perky breasts and as Holly works her way down her back she slips off Michelle's panties and licks her asshole in preparation for the vibrator she sticks up her ass!


Angela Stone was feeling pretty stressed out so she made an appointment to see her masseuse Anna Nova. She stripped off her clothes, leaving her underwear on and prepared for a nice soothing massage. Anna's hands work magic on Angela's slender body as her underwear slides off and she recieves Anna's "special massage". Anna sticks her tongue in her asshole to prepare it for the vibrator's deep tushy erotic massage!


Nikki Nieves had some stress in her life that she just needed to get rid of, so she went to her favorite masseuse, Sammie Rhodes. Sammie really knows how to relieve stress, first she gets Nikki naked, rubs oil all over her body and relaxes her back and leg muscles. In this case she needed to go deeper so she broke out the tushy massager and stuck it deep in Nikki's ass! Sammie got so turned on she decided to get naked herself!


Amber Rayne, stressed from her boyfriend and job decided to get a massage. Her masseuse, Allison Pierce, is more than happy to relieve some of her stress. She starts out with a nice back massage and small talk until the conversation turns to sex. Amber discovers that Allison is a lesbian and is interested in trying something new. When her panties come off, Allison licks her sweet ass and uses a dildo to give Amber an anal orgasm!


Jessie McCarthy visited her local spa because she was having some lower back pains. Her masseuse Rebecca Steel is a beautiful blonde masseuse who specializes in anal orgasms. LIttle did Jessie realize she was about to get the massage of a lifetime! Rebecca started off massaging her back and upper thighs then quickly focused her attention onto her ass. She pulled down her panties, licked her asshole then proceeded to give Jessie the most amazing anal orgasm ever!


Katrina visited the massage parlor on her day off from work. She has been very stressed so she has been looking forward to it for a long time. Her masseuse Kelli is a beautiful blonde who was happy to give her a relaxing massage. She started off massaging her back and legs then quickly focused her attention to her ass. She licked and fingered her asshole then pulled out a vibrator and inserted it deep into Katrina's tight ass!


Katja Kassin was feeling a little tired after a long week of finals at school. She visited the local spa to help relax and take her mind off her school work. While getting a massage she was starting to get a little horny. She was never with a girl before and was too embarrassed to say anything, but her massuese Katrina could tell she was getting a little excited. She slowly slid off her panties, gave her ass an erotic massage and tongue licking followed by a deep anal insertion!


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