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Power Assisted Massage
Allison was very interested in getting a complete body massage. She was referred by her friend to go to the massage parlor and ask for Kelly. Once inside Allison felt very comfortable. Kelly the masseuse greeted her new customer and gave her a towel. Allison stripped down and laid face down on the table. Kelly started rubbing Allison's back with warm oil. Kelly worked her way down to Allison's firm ass... finishing with a little powered vibrator which had Allison moaning!


Blonde Gets Massaged!
Nikki has been going to the same massage parlor for many years and only asked for the same masseuse. This week, her masseuse was on vacation so she was given a different lady. Luckily for her, the new masseuse had a very special technique for relieving tension. Afer getting her neck and back massaged, the masseuse moved onto Nikki's tushy! Watch as she gets a very deep anal insertion!


Petite Girl Massage
Laura was having a very stressful day so a trip to the massage parlor always helped her relieve her stress. Her masseur was a very handsome man who was very eager to massage her. After getting her back, neck and legs massaged she was getting really comfortable and very horny! She pulled her masseur close to her and pulled down his pants. She pulled out his cock, and started sucking it! Before they knew it, he was fucking her right on the massage table!


Ass Licking Massage
Jamie decided to visit the masseuse to get a nice relaxing massage. Little did she know she was about to get a nice deep anal massage by her sexy masseuse. Watch as the masseuse starts off rubbing and massaging Jamie's tight body. The masseuse then moves her hands up Jamie's body and gives her a nice Tushy massage. She then pulls down Jamie's panties and gives her a very nice long ass licking.


In House Massage!
Sara had a long day at work so when she got home she pulled out a phone book and called a massage parlor for an incall home massage. Around 30 minutes later, a beautiful blonde masseuse showed up at Sara's house to begin the massage. She stripped off her clothing and lied down on the bed. The masseuse started off massaging her back and legs and then quickly moved on to her tushy! She bent over and gave Sara's tushy a nice erotic ass licking!


Erotic Massage and Ass Licking
Anthony is a construction worker who visits a massage parlor once a week after work to enjoy a nice relaxing massage. He meets the masseuse who is a very sexy asian masseuse who loves to give her customers a little something "extra". While she is massaging Anthony she slowly makes her way up to his ass where she decides to give him some amazing analingus and cock stroking action!


She Gets So Wet!
Angela was referred by her friend to meet with a masseuse who specializes in erotic massage. Angela has never been with a women before and is excited for her first time. The masseuse starts off by slowly undressing Angela down to her panties. The masseuse then covers Angela with a towel. She then gets to work rubbing and massaging Angela's inner thighs and legs. She then slowly lifts up the towel exposing Angela's soaked panties. By this time, Angela is so horny, she can barely keep her hands off of the masseuse. Watch as the masseuse fingers and dildo fucks Angela's tight asshole!


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