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Very Erotic Anal Massage
Jamie was feeling a little sore after a long week of cheerleading practice. She likes to unwind by visiting the massage parlor right down the street from her college. She has her favorite masseuse who always gives her the grand treatment! The masseuse starts off massaging her back, legs and arms. She then focuses her attention on Jamie's tushy! First she uses her tongue to get it nice and wet. Then she pulls out a vibrator and anal beads and really helps to relieve all the built up tension!


Petite Girl Erotic Massage
Jill's best friends have been talking about the new massage parlor that recently opened up in their town. They told her that there was a cute masseuse who gave the most wonderful massages. Jill decided to visit to see for herself. She requested the popular masseuse, and was very excited to get started. The masseuse worked her magic on her back, neck, legs, and arms. She then focused her attention onto Jill's tushy. Watch as she gets her first anal orgasm ever!


Gentle Rubdown
Kiera went to a massage parlor to have her body massged. She has never been massaged by a female masseuse before but since there were no male masseuse available she decided to try a female. To her surprise she liked having a women rub her down even better. She got so turned on by having a sexy masseuse she could barely contain herself. She grabbed the masseuse's hands and placed them onto her Tushy. The masseuse got the idea and gave Keira a nice Tushy massage. The masseuse could see how turned on Keira was getting and decided to give her the ultimate pleasure!


Tongue Erotic Massage
Mandy was very interested in getting a complete body massage. She was referred by her friend to go to the massage parlor and ask for Gina. Mandy was a little hesitant but entered the parlor and introduced herself to Gina. Gina made Mandy very comfortable. Mandy stripped down to her panties and laid down on the table. Gina then poured some warm oil all over her hands and slowly massaged the oil into Mandy's firm legs. Mandy was very relaxed at this time, and was ready for Gina's specialty!


Total Body Relaxation
After a long day of class, Pattie decided to pamper herself with a complete body relaxtion massage. She went to the local spa and told the masseuse she wanted to have her entire body massaged. The masseuse started off massaging Pattie's feet, then worked up to her calves. After a few minutes of calve massages the masseuse moved up to her inner thighs. By this time Pattie is getting very horny. The masseuse tells Pattie to roll over and she lifts up the towel that was perviously covereing her Tushy. The masseuse then gives her a complete anal relaxtion massage!


Deep Tissue Massage
Renee is a dancer at a local strip club. After a long day of poll dancing she needs to have her legs and tushy massaged to work out the cramps. The masseuse knows exactally how Renee likes it. The masseuse starts off slow and light then works her way up to a hard and tight massage of Renee's firm ass. Renee moans with pleasure as the masseuse works her ass like a professional! The masseuse then decides to give Renee a special bonus. She slowly removes Renee's panties and gives her some anal pleasure!


Deep Anal Massage
Tory Lane visited the massage parlor for the very first time. She was very nervous, but the masseuse quickly put her at ease. Once the massage started, Tory was very relaxed. The masseuse massaged her back, neck and legs extremely well. She then moved onto her ass. Tory quickly stated "I am not really into girls", but the masseuse didn't care. She told her to relax and just enjoy it. Watch as Tory has her first lesbian experience ever!


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