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Happy Ending
Michael is a construction worker and after a long day of work he likes to visit the local massage parlor for a relaxing massage. He enters the parlor, strips down, and puts a towel over his nude tushy. Then a cute masseuse named Kim enters the room and begins his relaxing massage. She gives him a complete rub down. She then slowly inches her hands under his towel and gives him a complete tushy massage. To his surprise she bends over and gives his asshole a nice lick! This really turned him on. Kim has Michael turn over and she immediately grabs for his cock. She then slowly works his cock in her hands until he explodes!


Hottie Gets Massaged!
Renee visited a massage parlor because she was feeling a little sore from cheerleading practice. Luckily for her, her masseur was a very studly guy. He started off massaging her back and legs, the moved onto her tushy. She was so turned on she couldn't resist the temptation. She asked for him to stand in front of her and massage her neck. He then pulled down his zipper and proceeded to give him a blowjob. After getting him nice and hard she turned around and begged him to fuck her!


Happy Ending For Everyone!
Isis visits the masseuse because she was having some back pains. She's been on her college cheerleading team now for 2 years, and all the strenuous training really has her sore. The masseuse starts off massaging her back, neck and ass. Isis was really getting turned on by his strong hands and decides to return the favor! She unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and starts sucking it. She then climbs onto the table and the masseuse fingers her and licks her ass before fucking her right on the massage table!


Anal Ass Licking Massage
Havanna was really stressed out from a long day of exams so she treated herself to a day at the massage parlor. She told her masseuse that she was having a lot of tension in her lower back, and the masseuse had just the idea to help relieve it! She pulls out a vibrator and slowly inserts it deep into her ass! Watch the entire erotic massage video now!


Office Relaxation
Sandra is the boss of the company that Keesha recently started working at. Keesha thought she was hired as a secretary but it turns out that her main job is being Sandra's masseuse. Sandra is a selfish bitch and is very bossy. She is constantly calling in Keesha to massage her stressed shoulders. One day during her daily massage, Sandra stands up and tells Keesha to help her remove her dress. Keesha reluctantly agrees and helps Sandra out of her dress. Sandra then orders Keesha to pull down her panties and massage her ass! The orders keep coming and next thing you know, Keesha is licking Sandra's asshole and fucking her in her ass with a vibrator!


Anal Erotic Massage
Valerie had a very stressful week at college so she decided to visit her masseuse for a little rest and relaxation. Her petite masseuse started off rubbing Valerie's back and legs. She complained that she was having a lot of tension in her back so her masseuse had just the trick. She pulled out anal beads, and told Valerie to relax. She then stuck the beads deep into her ass!


Deep Anal Erotic Massage
Susan had a long day at work so she decided to visit the local massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse was really gentle and her soft hands really turned Susan on. She started massaging down her back and legs and she was getting really horny. The masseuse knew she was enjoying the massage a lot and had just a way to give her the ultimate massage! She pulled down her panties and gave her a deep erotic anal massage!


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