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Relaxing Tushy Massage
Jamie just turned 21 and for her birthday her parents got her an appointment at their local spa. Little did her parents know that the spa they were sending their daughter to has a "special service" for the hot girls. Jamie meets with the masseuse, then undresses and lies down on the table for her massage. The sexy masseuse starts off massaging Jamie's body, working on her legs and back. After a few minutes the masseuse moves up to Jamie's firm ass and slowly massages her ass. She then slowly pulls down Jamie's panties and gives her a very sexual anal massage!


Massage and Ass Licking
Kim is a cheerleader for her school. She has the typical cheerleading body. She is very fit, with firm tight legs, a nice big plump firm ass, and beautiful 34 C cup breasts. After cheerleading practice she usually goes to a masseuse to get her body massaged to help her muscles relax. During her recent visit to the massage parlor, she found out her regular masseuse was sick so she had a new guy massage her. Feeling his strong hands on her body really turned her on. As the masseuse explored her body she got more turned on and needed the masseuse to help her release her "sexual tension" Luckily for her, he knew exactally what to do. Watch as Kim starts with an innocent massage and ends with an very hardcore ass licking massage!


Erotic Massage
Kat is a cheerleader for her college football team and after a long week of practice she was really drained. She decided to visit a masseuse to get all the kinks worked out in her back. She strips off her clothing exposing her very skinny frame with petite perky breasts. She then got onto the massage table and started getting her back and legs massaged. The masseuse then pulled out a dildo and gave it to her deep into her ass! Watch as she gets the special "Internal Massage"!


Blonde Erotic Massage
Erin visited her masseur to receive a nice relaxing massage. Her shoulder was very sore from playing softball and her masseur is always good and helping to relieve her pain. The masseur starts off massaging her back, then her legs and breasts. Erin then decided to make her move on the studly masseur. Watch as she sucks his cock then gets fucked extremely hard right on the massage table!


Deep Anal Massage
Lori was feeling after having a lot of sex with her boyfriend. One sure way to relieve the tension is for her to visit her very cute masseuse. The masseuse starts off giving Lori a very deep tissue massage on her back, legs and arms. After she was done massaging her, Lori complained she was still feeling a little tension in her lower back. The nurse had just the solution! She pulled out her special anal vibrator and worked out all of Lori's tension from the inside out!


Deep Tushy Erotic Massage
Brandy plays softball for her local college, and was suffering from lower back pain. Her coach gives her the phone number of a local masseuse who she calls and sets an appointment. The masseuse starts off giving her a very nice back massage. She then moves down to her legs working out all the kinks. She feels that Brandy has a lot of tension in her lower back, and pulls out the special instrument, ANAL BEADS! Watch as she slowly helps alleviate Brandy's pain by giving her a nice deep anal orgasm!


Perky Blonde Masseuse
Leanne was feeling upset after her boyfriend broke up with her so she went to the massage parlor for a day of pampering. Her masseuse was an extremely beautiful girl with amazing perfect breasts. She starts off giving Leanne a nice back and leg massage then moves down to her ass. She pulls down her panties and gives her ass a deep tongue fucking. She then pulls out a vibrator and fucks her hard in the ass!


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