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Hardcore Massage
Gwen visited her local massage parlor for a day of relaxation. Her masseuse was training a new girl so Gwen was lucky to get two girls to work on her. They started off rubbing her back, legs, and arms, then the masseuse told the masseuse in training how they give certain customers "special" massages. The two masseuse slowly pulled down Gwen's panties exposing her cute little tushy. The masseuse then took out a purple vibrator and with the help of the new masseuse inserted it deep into Gwen's tushy!


Relaxing Tushy Massage
Karen visited her massage therapist to receive a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse started off giving her a nice relaxing deep tissue massage. Karen has her back massaged as well as her legs and thighs. The masseuse then slowly moved up to Karen's tushy. Karen must have enjoyed it because she was letting out a soft moan of pleasure. This was the sign for the masseuse to continue. She pulled out a small bottle of anal lube and a dildo! Watch what she does next!


Tight Ass Rub
Maria is a beautiful Spanish girl who decides to visit the massage parlor after a long day of cheerleading practice. She's been on her college football team's cheerleading squad for 3 years and the workout routines really have her sore. The masseuse starts off massaging her long firm legs. After working out all the cramps from her legs she moves onto Maria's perfect firm ass. She pulls out a dildo, lubes it up, and slides it deep into her tight firm cheerleading ass!


Relaxing Tushy Erotic Massage
Melissa was feeling very down after her boyfriend dumped her so she decided to visit the spa for a day of pampering. Little did she know she was about to enjoy some hardcore anal pleasure. Her masseuse for the massage was a big breasted girl who only took the job to get close to other sexy women. Melissa was apprehensive because she was never touched by a girl before, and didn't think she would be attracted to other women. Watch as she enjoys her Tushy Massage!


Hottie Gets Massage!
Jill visited the local massage parlor for a day of relaxation and ended up getting more than she bargained for! Her masseuse was a very sexy busty women who really knew how to work her hands. She rubbed Jill's body very passionately, and she was getting really turned on. By the time she got to Jill's tushy, she was very horny. The masseuse pulled down her panties, and pulled out a vibrator. After working it around her tushy she inserted it deep into her ass!


Tushy Massage
Michelle meets with Keesha for a relaxing Tushy massage. Michelle loves having anal sex with her boyfriend, but loves the attention that a professional Tushy masseuse gives to her. Michelle orders the masseuse to remove her panties, and give her Tushy a very thorough massage. Michelle then tells Keesha she wants to have her asshole penetrated with a large vibrator. Keesha gets the virbrator and a bottle of lubrication and gets to work fucking Michelle's tight asshole!


Tongue Licking Erotic Massage!
Jamie was very tired from a long day of softball practice. She decided to meet with the team masseuse to help relax her tired aching body. The normal masseuse was out on vacation so the team hired a guy to take of the players for the week. Little did they know this team masseuse specialized in more than giving just back massages. Watch as he gets Jamie completely naked then gives her a very deep anal massage!


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