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Jenna was feeling stiff after having a lot of sex with her boyfriend. One sure way to relieve the tension is for her to visit her very cute masseuse. The masseuse started off giving Jenna a very deep tissue massage on her back, legs and arms. After she was done massaging her, she complained she was still feeling a little tension in her lower back. The nurse had just the solution! She pulled out her special anal toy and worked out all of Jenna's tension from the inside out!


Brittany had a long day at work so she decided to visit the local massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse was really gentle and her soft hands really turned Brittany on. She started massaging down her back and legs and she was getting really horny. The masseuse knew she was enjoying the massage a lot and had just a way to give her the ultimate massage! She pulled down Emily's panties and gave her a deep anal erotic massage with a dildo


Regina visited the massage parlor for the very first time. She was very nervous, but the masseuse quickly put her at ease. Once the masseuse started, she was very relaxed. The masseuse massaged her back, neck and legs extremely well. She then moved onto her breasts. Regina quickly stated "I am not really into girls", but she told her to relax and just enjoy it. Watch as Heather has her first lesbian experience ever!


Vicki was on vacation when she hurt her back while playing volleyball on the beach. She called room service who sent up a private masseuse to her room. The masseuse laid down some towels on the couch and had Vicki lay down. The masseuse worked out the kinks in her back very good making sure to work her lower back really well. The masseuse then started massaging Vicki's legs and she could tell Vicki was started to really enjoy it. As the masseuse rubbed her hands between her legs she could tell Vicki was getting wet and decided to take advantage of her. She slowly slid down her panties and worked her pussy and ass extremely well!


"The Horny Milf"
A super hot MILF Rebecca strolled into the massage parlor after week needing to be completely removed of her stresses. Bobby, the best masseuse at the joint, worked up a rich lather of oil and began to calm down Rebecca. Turned on by this young studs touch, Rebecca began to moan in pleasure. An older woman, Bobby was eager to rub the breasts of a sexy MILF, working her towards orgasm by playing with her asshole. Rebecca now has a new favorite masseuse!


Tiffany visited the massage parlor for a relaxing day. She stripped out of her clothing and started the massage with a topless rubdown. Once her back, legs, and arms were relaxed, Vanessa asked if she was still feeling any tension. Tiffany replied that she still had a little tension in her lower back area. Vanessa pulled down Tiffany's panties and revealed a vibrator, and began working Tiffany to her first anal orgasm erotic massage.


It was Michael's birthday and his girlfriend got him the best birthday present ever. Her best friend! She told Michael that they had something special to give him. They brought him into the bedroom, pushed him down onto the bed. Stripped off their clothing and gave him the handjob of his life!



Blondie loves giving massages, and today she loved it even more. This one client comes in and right away Blondie takes a liking to her huge bubble butt, but as always she does not know if the client will let her do what she wants to. As she massages her clients she always checks to see if their pussy is getting wet, she does this by checking their panties or by acting as if she is massaging their inner thighs. Once she saw today's clients pussy soaking wet she decided to really take this girls ass and do some really nasty thing to it. She started by eating her clients pussy out and sucking on her nipples, the client was so turned on she started sucking on Blondie's nipples too, Blondie proceeded to have the client get on all 4's so she can deep tongue fuck her tight asshole, what came next was a nice long dildo, and its obvious by the moans that the client never had her asshole fucked, Blondie needed to keep on licking and penetrating the clients asshole because she was very tight, this is a truly amazing movie.


Jacklie's favorite customer Tammy just entered the massage parlor. Jacklie is the only masseuse who knows one way to completely satisfy Tammy - with a deep anal massage! Tammy takes off her top revealing her perky breasts and as Jacklie works her way down her back she slips off Tammy 's panties and licks her asshole in preparation for the vibrator she sticks up her ass!


Amy was overly stressed from a week of hell at work. She just needed a massage to really unwind. While her masseuse worked magic on her body, Amy mentioned that is has been a long time since anyone has penetrated her body and that she misses it very much. The masseuse took that as a cue to take out blue vibrator. After she oiled it up with some lube, she used it to massage the inner walls of Amy's pussy and ass!


Kim visited the massage parlor for the very first time. She was very nervous, but the masseuse quickly put her at ease. Once the massage started, Kim was very relaxed. The masseuse massaged her back, neck and legs extremely well. She then moved onto her ass. The masseuse told her to relax and just enjoy it. It was Kim's very first lesbian experience and she enjoyed every minute of it!


A guy and hot babe gives Lily a great full body massage! They start off by massaging her back, then the female shoves her tongue deep into lily's asshole, sending her over the top! As a reward for having her asshole massaged she sucks on the guys cock while the other girl keeps drilling her asshole with her tongue! Watch this exciting movie to see where the guy sprays his load!


Special update Massage Hardcore Strapon Anal Action
Chastity has a home massage business and her very first client was her neighbor! She starts off with a nice massage and then moves into more of a erotic massage! She starts kissing her neighbor deeply, then moves to her tits and then she dives deep into her asshole, given her a deep anal massage! You wont believe what happens next in this exciting new movie from TushyMassage!


Big boobs tight round ass is where it's at! This hot movie has a big tit babe getting a massage from one lucky dude! She goes in strips down and lets his hands work his magic! After a while she gets so turned on she has to reward him with her love holes! She Pulls his cock out and shoves it deep into her hot mouth, then she fucks him hard and long! Watch as he shoves his cock deep into her tight wet pussy and her nice round butt, in this hot hardcore fucking video!


Jenny and Mark are boyfriend / girlfriend. Jenny's co-worker Lisa came over, they told her they can give really good massages together. What started off like a very professional massage soon turned into a anal gang bang massage. She got really turned on and wet while getting massaged, one thing led to another and soon this very professional looking girl was doing things that only real kinky and nasty girls do. A super movie that has tons of hot parts to it.



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