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Vanessa had a long day at work so she decided to visit the local massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse was really gentle and her soft hands really turned Vanessa on. She started massaging down her back and legs and she was getting really horny. The masseuse knew she was enjoying the massage a lot and had just a way to give her the ultimate massage! She pulled down her panties and gave her a deep erotic anal massage!


Elizabeth was referred by her friend to meet with a masseuse who specializes in erotic massage. Elizabeth has never been with a women before and is excited for her first time. The masseuse starts off by slowly undressing Elizabeth down to her panties. The masseuse then covers Elizabeth with a towel. She then gets to work rubbing and massaging her inner thighs and legs. She then slowly lifts up the towel exposing her soaked panties. By this time, she is so horny, she can barely keep her hands off of the masseuse. Watch as the masseuse fingers and dildo fucks Elizabeth's tight asshole in this amazing erotic massage movie.


Rose went to the massage parlor downtown. After a long distance running she needs to see her masseuse. Rose said that her main areas of tension were at her inner thighs and lower back. She got undressed while Fiona went out of the room to get some lube and a vibrator for the "special" erotic massage. Rose was relaxed with a back rub and leg massage before Fiona pulled off her panties and probed her tongue into her ass! She got out the vibrator and gave Rose a deep relaxing anal massage!


Stephanie visited her local massage parlor for a day of relaxation. Her masseuse was training a new girl so Stephanie was able to get two girls to work on her. They started off rubbing her back, legs, and arms, then the masseuse told the masseuse in training how they give certain customers "special" massages. The two masseuse slowly pulled down Stephanie's panties exposing her cute little tushy. The masseuse then took out a vibrator and with the help of the new masseuse inserted it deep into Stephanie's tushy!


Tiffany, stressed from her boyfriend and job decided to get a massage. Her masseuse, Vanessa, is more than happy to relieve some of her stress. She starts out with a nice back massage and small talk until the conversation turns to sex. Vanessa discovers that Tiffany is a lesbian and is interested in trying something new. When her panties come off, Vanessa licks her sweet ass and uses a dildo to give Tiffany an anal orgasm!


Kira visited her local spa because she was feeling very sore from working out. Luckily for her, her masseuse was a strong young stud. She was very turned on by him, but tried to contain herself as she was massaged nice and deep by his strong firm hands. She got so turned on she couldn't hold back and made her move. She reached out for his cock through his pants. She could tell from his hard cock that he was just as excited. Watch what she does next!


Sandy went to a massage parlor to have her body massaged. Her masseuse, Tilda, asks to take off her panties she could not refuse. She massaged up her legs, into her ass, then started licking her asshole! Tilda probes and massages her asshole with her tongue and once she got it all lubed up she pulled out a vibrator and slides it deep into Sandy's firm round ass!

Caity had a very stressful week at college so she decided to visit her masseuse for a little rest and relaxation. Her masseuse Flita started off rubbing Caity's back and legs. She complained that she was having a lot of tension in her back so her masseuse had just the trick. She pulled down her panties and massaged her asshole with her tongue, then pulled out her vibrator and told Caity to relax. She then stuck the vibrator deep into her ass for a stress-relieving internal erotic massage!


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