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Site Last Updated Today: July 18, 2019
Trent visited the spa for a nice relaxing massage. His normal masseuse was on vacation so he got Jackie the hot blonde. They started off giving him a very relaxing massage, but Jackie wanted to show him her "new" technique with the "full massage". Watch as he receives the most stimulating massage of his life!


Vanessa had a very stressful week at college so she decided to visit her masseuse for a little rest and relaxation. Her petite masseuse started off rubbing Vanessa's back and legs. She complained that she was having a lot of tension in her back so her masseuse had just the trick. She pulled out anal beads, and told Vanessa to relax. She then stuck the beads deep into her ass!!


After a long day at work Sheila visited her local massage parlor for a quick back rub. Her normal masseuse was out sick, so she was matched up with a pretty girl named Louisa. Louisa started off working on her back, and slowly moved down to her legs. Sheila was really getting turned on by Louisa's skilled hands. Louisa then focused on her tushy and gave her an erotic massage that she will never forget!


Felicia was really tense after a really long day of finals so she decided to treat herself to a full day at the massage parlor. She instructed the masseuse that a lot of tension was in her lower back, and the masseuse had just the technique to help get rid of it! She pulls out a vibrator and slowly inserts it deep into her ass!


Dayton really wanted a massage. After all, she is the soccer team captain, and the coach has been working her body to the extreme. Her massage therapist felt the tense muscles over her entire body and tried relieve all her muscle pain. But to get her completely balanced, she had to massage the inside walls of her vagina. Being able to do this is a special technique developed by putting a very special vibrator inside her sexy pussy!


Rosa Fuentes runs the local massage parlor that is known for giving it's clients a little something "extra" with each massage. Naomi Russell visited her spa and opted for the "Platinum Package" which included everything that Rosa provided. She was a little nervous but after a few minutes she was relaxed and enjoyed the most erotic massage of her life!


Christina visited her massage therapist to receive a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse, Maya, started off giving her a nice relaxing deep tissue massage. Christina has her back massaged as well as her legs and thighs. Maya then slowly moved up to Christana's tushy. Christina must have enjoyed it because she lett out a soft moan of pleasure. She then pulled out a bottle of anal lube and a vibrator! Watch what she does next to Christina's tight Asshole!!


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