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Demi has been going to the gym everyday in preparation for the summer. She wants to look great in a bikini, but all that hard work has left her muscles overly sore. Her friend recommended that she get a massage from her masseuse, who includes a complimentary "bonus" massage. Demi thought that sounded like a great idea and went in for her erotic massage session!


Lauren was overly stressed from work and financial difficulties. She just needed a massage to really unwind. While her masseuse worked magic on her body, Lauren mentioned that is has been a long time since anyone has penetrated her body and that she misses it very much. The masseuse took that as a cue to take out a huge vibrator. After she oiled it up with some lube, she used it to massage the inner walls of Lauren's pussy and anus!


Bess was relaxing in bed, watching TV and eating pistachios when her anal retentive roommate, Carmen walked in. Carmen had gotten fed up with Bess always leaving a mess around so she wanted to kick her out of her house. But Bess begged to stay, saying she'd do anything... Carmen thought she should teach her a lesson. She pulls out her strapon dildo and tries to make Bess a little more anal retentive by pounding it up her asshole!


Minka is a well trained masseuse and every now and again a customer comes in complaining about lower lumbar pain. Ironically, she found that the best way to relieve this kind of tension is with a special technique she learned not from school, but from an old boyfriend. So when Hope cames in with a tight lower back, she knew exactly what to do. She warmed her up with a breast and leg massage then moved to her ass and took off her panties. She licked her finger before rubbing around her asshole with it, and then gently penetrated her ass with a personal massager!!


Coco needed a massage badly. She's the team captain of her soccer team and the coach has been pushing her body to the limit. Her masseuse felt tension all over her body and did her best to relieve all her muscles. However, in order to get her completely balanced, she had to massage  the inside of her vaginal walls as well. She was able to do this by putting a special vibrator inside her pussy!


Special Feature! 460 Pics & 40 Minutes Of Video!
Melissa goes to the masseuse every week, but when she went this time, her usual masseuse was replaced by Adam. She had never had a massage from a guy before and was hesitant to let him. But she was sore and gave in easily. While he was caressing her bare skin with his strong hands, she couldn't help but get turned on. Adam moved his body near her head to work on Melissa's shoulders and she started unzipping his pants! She pulled out his cock and got the extra special erotic massage she really wanted!


Brenda was feeling stiff after having a lot of sex with her boyfriend. One sure way to relieve the tension is for her to visit her very cute masseuse. The masseuse starts off giving Brenda a very deep tissue massage on her back, legs and arms. After she was done massaging her, brenda complained she was still feeling a little tension in her lower back. The nurse had just the solution! She pulled out her special anal vibrator and worked out all of Brenda's tension from the inside out!!


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