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Emily had a long day at work so she decided to visit the local massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. Her masseuse was really gentle and her soft hands really turned Emily on. She started massaging down her back and legs and she was getting really horny. The masseuse knew she was enjoying the massage a lot and had just a way to give her the ultimate massage! She pulled down her panties and gave her a deep anal erotic massage!!


Isabella went to the beach with her girlfriend. After a quick swim, they went back to their beach towel and Isabella asked for a massage. She laid down and her girlfriend rubbed her back with tanning oil. She wanted to get every spot covered so she asked Isabella to take off her bikini. They started getting horny and the massage was getting intense so she took out her vibrator from the beach bag and gave her a deep anal massage!


Mariah visited the massage parlor for because she was suffering from some back pain. The masseuse worked out all the kinks, but was unable to find the exact cause of the pain. After a few minutes of examining her, the masseuse decided she had the solution. She pulled out a dildo and worked it deep into Mariah's ass giving her the ultimate anal orgasm which helped relieve the tension in her entire body with a very relaxing erotic massage.


Hope visited the massage parlor for the very first time. She was very nervous, but the masseuse quickly put her at ease. Once the masseuse Chanel started, Hope was very relaxed. The masseuse massaged her back, neck and legs extremely well. She then moved onto her tits. Hope quickly stated "I am not really into girls", but she told her to relax and just enjoy it. Watch as Hope has her first lesbian experience ever!


Brooke Haven was kicked out of her house so she has been living with her best friend Sandra Romain rent free for the past couple of weeks. Sandra got home from work and asked Brooke if she finally found a job so she could pay some rent. Brooke admitted that she hasn't even tried to find a job, and Sandra was really pissed off. She didn't know how to convince Brooke to get a job, so instead she decided to show her! Watch as she gives Brooke a very hard and deep strapon punishment!


Daria was feeling very down after her boyfriend dumped her so she decided to visit the spa for a day of pampering. Her masseuse was a big breasted girl who only took the job to get close to other sexy women. Daria was apprehensive because she was never touched by a girl before, and didn't think she would be attracted to other women. Watch as she enjoys her Erotic Massage!


Kerry was feeling a little sore after a long week of rainy weather. She likes to unwind by visiting the massage parlor right down the street from her college. She has her favorite masseur who always gives her the grand treatment! The masseur starts off massaging her back, legs and arms. He then focuses her attention on Kerry's tushy! First he uses his tongue to get it nice and wet. Then he pulls out a vibrator and really helps to relieve all the built up tension!


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